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Whole Wild Sockeye Salmon (head off and gutted)

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Whole Wild Sockeye Salmon (head off and gutted)
Whole Wild Sockeye Salmon (head off and gutted)

About 4 pounds per fish *read description for processing details


1 ea

Wild Pacific Salmon

Whole Sockeye Salmon! Need it in fillets, Steaks, or half and half? We got you covered! Or maybe you want to cook it whole or just let your inner fishmonger shine and cut it yourself! Either way, just let us know in the notes section how you would like to receive this product! Need some of it vacuum packed? Just say so!

For Filleted you will receive two whole sides unless otherwise specified.

For Steaks you will receive approx 1 inch thick steaks unless otherwise specified (please note steaks still have all the bones in them so this is not a great option for toddlers or elderly)

For Half and Half we will steak the top 1/2 of the fish and fillet the bottom section (the tail end)


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